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  • Automotive Locksmith Marina Del Rey

    What's worse than seeing your keys in the ignition and your door is locked? Waiting for a locksmith you called hours ago!

  • Being locked out of your vehicle is every driver's nightmare, especially when it happens on a stormy night in a remote place. Our teams are on standby to rush to your aid and help you gain entry to your vehicle. They are familiar with all types of automotive locks, including the keyless transponders fitted to many luxury vehicles. We are frequently called upon to remove jammed or broken keys and to replace locks that have been broken by vandals or car thieves. We can also replace the special keys for immobilizer systems that protect vehicles from being stolen.

  • Few things are as frustrating as being locked out of your vehicle.
    That's why we focus on a 20 to 30 minute response time so that you can get on your way knowing that now you are safe and secure.

  • Automotive locksmith services that we provide are:

    • Car locks - replacements, re-keying, unlocking
    • Car keys - replacements, duplication
    • VAT keys - replacements, duplication
    • Ignitions - repair, replacements
    • Luxury / Foreign cars - unlocking, key duplication, key replacements